Order Custom Wristbands w/ Your Logo

Order custom wristbands with the Level Method logo on on side, and your gym logo on the other. 

Step 1

Use your favorite browser to launch wrist-band.com.

If you let your window sit open for a little while a 10% coupon will pop-up.

* Level Method is not affiliated in any way with wrist-band.com, it's just the site we settled on using after trying several others. The sample wrist-bands you received were ordered from here.

Step 2

Navigate to Wristbands

Click “Wristbands”, then Click “Silicon Wristbands”.

Step 3

Select Model

Click/Select a “wristband model”, in this example we will use McDonald’s. (Oh the Irony)

Step 4

Chose Size

As soon as you have your model, Click/Choose the “size = 1/2”

Step 5

Chosing Colors and Amount

Select/Choose the “ALL our Color Level Workouts (White, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple, Light Brown, Black & Red), then Add the “Quantity of orders = 100 pcs per color”. Notice that our “Size = Adult”, then Ensure that your “Text Color” are selected accordingly.

Important Notes: Text Color preferences for each Color Level       

  • White = Black Text Color
  • Black = White Text Color
  • Red = White Text Color
  • Orange = White Text Color
  • Yellow = Black Text Color
  • Blue = White Text Color
  • Purple = White Text Color
  • Light Brown = Black or White Text Color (preferred to use Black)


Step 6

Review In Preview

Go to the “Wristband Preview” section, and you’ll see our Orders by Color and Quantity for each.

Step 7

Upload Logos

Look for the “Front Start Clipart & Back End Clipart”, then Click “Upload your Artwork”. Choose/Upload the “Level Method Logo” from your desktop.

You can also upload your logo, it has to be a single color .png. Don't worry if the logo is Black, but you selected print White on some of the wristbands, if it's a single color, they will print in the color you selected.

Step 8


Add your order and Checkout, you might want to play around with the different amounts to get the cost down.