How To Create A Thriving Gym

By Creating Powerful Moments with the Level Method

About the Level Method

Let's face it, fitness can be a little ovewhelming. What should you focus on? What needs the most work? The questions keep coming, and that's exactly why the Level Method was created. It's a revolutionary way to show you exactly where you are in your fitness, and what you need to focus on next in order to maximize results. It will help you improve faster, and stay safe in the process.

What Is The Level Method?

The Level Method is an advanced and intuitive system that shows you visually where you are in fitness. But it's more than that, too. It's also a comprehensive system that exposes you to a wide range of energy systems and movements to ensure truly well rounded fitness. In the same way martial arts belts rank athletes, the Level Method awards ranks based on your ability in 15 different categories. It contains 23 levels in each of those 15 categories, providing you never before seen insight into your fitness. It is a revolutionary tool that will give you the edge over everyone else.


Attack Your Weaknesses

The Level Method has been exhaustively developed and calibrated over several years using data and results from thousanda of athletes ranging from beginner to elite. What tha means to you is that you can trust it. It works, and has been proven time and time again to give athletes an advantage. It also means that you'll be able to see your weaknesses at a glance and know exactly where to focus to get the biggest bang for your buck. No more wasted time wondering what you should be working on, you'll know, because the Level Method shows you.


Progress Safely

Injury derails countless people as they pursue higher levels of fitness. It's nearly an epidemic, and one of the biggest criticisms within the fitness industry. The problem is many people do things before they're ready to do them. They have strong minds, but their body isn't yet up to the same level. They need to spend some time building their foundational structure. But how do they know when their ready? That's the hard part, it's hard to know when you're ready, but not anymore. Now you'll know for sure, as you progress through your levels. You'll know exactly what you're ready for, and your coaches will too.


Have Fun

Building your body and reportoir of physical skills is a very fun journey. It's addicting. It's exciting. But more often than not, it's a high five and that's it. What if you were able to climb up the ranks of a comprehensive program and earn certificates of achievement along the way? What if when you PRd, you not only got the high five, but also a promotion to a new level? The Level Method provides those things because we have a systematic way to do it. Nowhere else will you be able to not only have fun, but be awarded for your progress on every step of the journey.


Your Fitness Journey

Everyone starts a different place on their fitness journey. Your journey is unique, because you are unique. It makes sense that you would need to focus on different things than the person next to you. The Level Method allows for an inidivualized focus for you no matter where you are. You'll see a customized chart of all your strengths and weaknesses, laid out before your eyes.

Level Method Gyms

More and more gyms are integrating the Level Method and the consistent similarity in these gyms is strong leadership who are blazing a path and leading the field. The Level Method plugs in, and provides added value to existing programs that get faster results for their members. If you would like your gym to add the powerful tool that is the Level Method, please forward this page to your coach or owner.


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