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By easily quantifying fitness progress for your members they are flooded with motivation and a distinct association between your brand and their improvements. They will never leave.
Maximize benefit and revenue
Charged with motivation and a focused awareness of exactly how to progress creates demand for your highest valued add-on products and services.
Help your coaches succeed
Level Method simplifies the coaching position and allows more focus on what it takes to be a great coach rather than arbitrary tasks like scaling workouts.

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Level Method

How all group class gyms should be run.

If you’ve been in the fitness industry for any amount of time, you’ve

probably seen a number of levels systems, programming methods, tracking apps, and other fads that are hard to implement - if they even work at all.

All this can be a frustrating, chaotic mess - and, ultimately, you know there’s a better way out there.

That’s why we developed the Level Method.

Level Method provides experienced gym owners with a visual, step-by-step fitness progression system that’s fun, engaging, and easy-to-use so that regular folks in your gym can reach their fitness goals faster and safer than ever before and become raving fans of your gym.

With the Level Method MAP of fitness, your coaches will be armed with a tool to help your members understand where they are and where they’re headed (and a built-in process to celebrate achievements along the way).

The best part is, you’ll have confidence that all your coaches will be able to help your members progress safely, intelligently, and systematically.

Hundreds of gym all over the world have used the Level Method specifically for these reasons.

If you’re ready to start seeing your members more engaged and progressing safer and longer (which means higher retention and increased revenue), you owe it to yourself and your members to take the next step...

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