Jen Shelby

Gym Success Mentor

I have owned a gym in TX with my business partners for 10+ years. When we became a Level Method gym, I just knew I was going to work for Level Method some day!   Through my faith and the systems that I’ve learned from Level Method, I’ve found a balance in life between running a gym full time, being a Success Specialist for Level Method, personal training, leading a FAITH RXD chapter and supporting the fitness community that I’ve been blessed to be a part of.  I am a mom to a very energetic, spunky 9 year old daughter and wife to a Firefighter/Paramedic/Soldier.   I love all things related to exercise. I love to workout. I love to encourage others to workout. I love to encourage gym owners and coaches who are encouraging others to workout! I love the face a member makes when they get their first pull up. I love the lessons that I learn while working out and the camaraderie that is created when exercising with a community.   When I’m not working or at the gym exercising, you can find me downhill mountain biking, sitting on the porch with my husband, playing soccer with my kiddo, grabbing lunch with a friend or volunteering at church.   My passion is to motivate and encourage gym members and gym owners through their own hardships and successes. I love to drive others to find success and balance between life, work and the constant stressors that affect each person.

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Jen Shelby
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