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I was the middle child of 5 (3 sisters) and  grew up in an unconventional family with pet reptiles, parakeets, an umbrella cockatoo, ducks, chickens, a turkey named Pilgrim who slept with me, rabbits etc. We nurtured hurt or orphaned animals like bunnies, sparrows, crows and opossums, though we lived in a normal suburb in California. 

Animals and connecting with their energy remains an important part of my life. 

Before I discovered CrossFit, I had only been interested in art/writing, and nature. But in 2011 the thrill of physical challenge and potential quickly grabbed a hold of me and by 2012 I was competing, coaching, and working full time at Level Method Gym (then Next Level CrossFit).

Since then I  have been passionate about empowering people in whatever capacity I have- whether it be through fitness, energy healing/reading, online classes, or one-on-one coaching.

In 2019 my brother was killed on his motorcycle- I vowed to take his passing as a catalyst for my own personal growth, and give back to the world by helping others discover their gifts (sidenote: my brother’s max Bench Press was 460lbs!). 

I stopped competing in CrossFit in 2020 (by then I had achieved Red II overall level!), and began to focus on other aspects of my growth. 

Archetypal psychology, energy healing, animal communication, strength-training, yoga, New Mexico skies, and any documentary by Ken Burns are some of the things I enjoy!

My favorite singer of all time is Ronnie James Dio- “Stargazer” and “Heaven and Hell” have got to be my two favorite songs, but I love all kinds of music!  I think it’s important to be balanced, and I think in terms of energy quite a lot; feminine energy, masculine energy, soft/hard, receive/give.

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Alexandra Bardales

Where there is a why, there is a way

Aug 12, 2021
Alexandra Bardales
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