Origin Story

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Dear Smart Gym Owner,

My name is Nathan Holiday, I'm the CEO of Level Method, and I want to tell you my story.

Let's start at the beginning...

I felt a loud pop, and crumpled to the floor... my leg had given out on me...

I looked at my buddy and said: “Call an ambulance.

I went from on top of the world, to seriously injured, in moments.

I was 26, I’d been out of the Army a couple years, and I’d just completely ruptured my left achilles doing rebound box jumps in an open workout.

It turned out I didn’t need an ambulance (even though it felt like I did lol)… so we just drove to the hospital in silence.

Sitting there I was questioning everything.

I knew the road ahead was going to be a huge challenge, and I had no clue what my future held.

Less than a year later, I opened my first gym with a couple of partners.

All I knew is I wanted to do fitness safer and better.

But the business side was tough and after 2 more years, both my partners had moved on to other things and it was just me.

I was overwhelmed, constantly stressed, and buried under $18k of credit card debt... so I did what any reasonable person would do...

...I slept on the ground in the gym.

We’d gain members, lose them, and gain again, only to lose again.

It was hard. We didn’t have systems, and everything was a ton of work.

I realized no one was coming to save me so I started studying, and putting in the work. I persevered, applied and I got around people who were smarter than me.

I got the foundations in place (like team meetings) and I realized that as the leader, I had to be the standards keeper. (This should all sound really familiar to you). 

But even as I was working through my business education, I was thinking about another problem because it was always crazy to me how one person would join my gym and completely change their life, while others wouldn’t.

I became focused on figuring out how to keep people interested, engaged, and progressing -- so they'd stay longer and reap more benefits.

I learned if people were wired like me -- constantly competing and pushing themselves too hard, not being smart, doing things before they were ready, trying to do what the pros do

...they were bound to get injured.

And on the other side of the spectrum I saw folks who weren’t consistent or motivated long enough to see how the right application of intensity is a game changer…

...they weren’t getting plugged in.

It became more and more clear that assessment, progressions, and goals were incredibly important pieces to this complicated puzzle.

But we also needed to leverage the psychology of reward and public recognition.

In regular life, most people go totally unrecognized for their hard work… no one gives them an attaboy.

We found when we provided awards, feelings of significance, opportunities to grow and connect to the community, folks were much more likely to stay with it, get better, and change their lives.

How could we systemize that?

There had to be a solution but it felt like there was still a missing piece.

Fitness was so complex… there were so many things to focus on and think about... so many movements, and skills, and energy systems.

It all lacked large scale organization. I wanted to give my clients the path I didn’t have.

I wanted a MAP to show them that path...

...where I could point and say this is where you are, and this is where we want to take you, safelyintelligentlysystematically.

It was the path that would've saved me so much time, pain, frustration, and energy.

No more doing things before a foundation was built, no more being lost in fitness.

One day a friend said...

Hey why don’t you build a levels system? Something to give clients goals, and guide them through the complicated world of fitness.”

I shrugged it off…

"It’s been tried, doesn’t work. That’s not the answer."

Truth is, I’d actually tried to build a levels system in the past… and, you guessed it... didn’t work.

But for some reason the idea kept gnawing at me.

Maybe there was something there.

I mean, it made sense… it ticked a lot of the boxes… but it was a wicked problem, and there was a reason why it hadn't been done before.

Lucky for me, the timing was just rightI was at the end of a long lease at my gym.

A crossroads. 

Honestly, I didn’t know if I wanted to continue down the gym owner path...

...it wasn’t the dream I'd imagined… it was hard… I had two options: 1) close down, or 2) find a better way to do things.

I took Option 2 and  that was the moment Level Method became a thing.

It emerged out of multiple levels of necessity. Plus, it was do or die for me.

I got to work and things just fell into place... and through weary eyes, I finally gazed at the first draft.

Of course, it didn't end there, it took a long time to really get it right…

...we had to do a ton of data crunching and tweaking

But I opened my new gym, and I used it as a laboratory.

It was the testing ground, and Level Method continued to dynamically evolve for 4 more years, as it spread to hundreds of gyms around the world, and we continued to learn and adapt and make things better.

Now we have a complete system that provides the 3 things I talked about earlier:

  1. A structure for assessment, progression and goals
  2. A systematic way to leverage reward-psychology and public-recognition
  3. A physical MAP that we can literally point to.

With the Level Method you can take any person and assess their fitness -- ranking them from a complete beginner (WHITE/YELLOW), to an advanced athlete (BLACK/RED).

You can point to weaknesses, map out a game plan, show them their path.

You can reward and recognize them for their hard work in a public way and create powerful moments that build memories they’ll never forget.

You can help keep people safe, and progressing, moving steadily towards goals -- keeping them motivated over the long term.

The Level Method is what I wish I had when I started as an athlete, as a coach, and as an owner.

It's a better way to do group fitness from a member perspective, and it's an amazing structure for building real, repeatable systems and processes from an owner perspective.

And this is the secret reason that makes Level Method so Powerful from a Gym Owner perspective: It is a STRUCTURE that empowers you to SYSTEMIZE your business more effectively. Think: Moments of Celebration, Workout Levels & Scaling, Onboarding New Members, Goal Sessions, Upselling to Higher Value Services, Assessments, Coaching Consistency. 

We didn't know all of this when we first started the company, but we quickly recognized that our big mission at Level Method is to make your life (as a gym owner) easier! But things aren't necessarily easier at first... it'll take some time and energy to get everything up and running.

In order for you to reap the full benefits of Level Method, you've got to have a solid level of business knowledge & experience.

If you're thinking about joining our Legion, it's important that as a gym owner, you're not just starting out! You must be able to execute and lead. If you're still working on the fundamentals, we are not right for you yet. It will take a little time, and if you want to go fast check out 2 Brain Business, they are who we recommend for all things gym business mentoring.

So if you’re interested, and you have the business knowledge & experience, watch the webinar and get in touch… in the end, the Level Method is a revolutionary tool that lets you do what you already do, but better. It's an accelerator...

Hope to talk to you soon,

Nathan Holiday