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Dear Gym Owner,

I created the Level Method in 2016, and after working with thousands of clients in my own gym, I was consumed by one question:

Why do some folks change their lives with fitness, while others fail?

The big problem is that some people push themselves to burn out or injury — striving to do things before they're ready — and others aren't consistent or motivated long enough to see results...

When people don't have a clear path or goals, when they're confused or overwhelmed, when they're not recognized for their hard work,  when they get injured or feel inadequate, or when they stop making progress...

... they will leave your gym.

I opened my first gym in 2012 and became focused on figuring out how to get people ‘plugged into’ my gym, and improving faster.

It became more and more clear that assessment, progression, and goals were incredibly important pieces to the puzzle.

Everything that I found (that I thought might help me or save me time) ended up being too complicated, ineffective or difficult to implement. There was nothing that did what I wanted.

And it wasn't surprising because fitness is so complex…so many movements, and skills, and energy systems -- there was nothing out there that took it ALL into account.

There was no big picture organization, and I just felt like there was something missing.

That's when I figured out I was going to have to solve this problem myself... not that I wanted to...

So after many failures, over years, and a lot of work, I was able to create a MAP of fitness. With it, I could point and say to a client this is where you are, and this is where we want to take you, safely… intelligently… systematically.

But that was only one side of the equation, I also needed to leverage the psychology of reward and public recognition, because in regular life, most people go totally unrecognized for their hard work…

My team and I found that when we provided awards, feelings of significance, opportunities to grow and connect to the community, folks were much more likely to stay with it, get better, and change their lives.

Soon, as word got around, we had other amazing gyms from around the world using the Level Method... and so we started systemizing every aspect of the methodology to be repeatable across the board.

The Level Method is comprehensive, and it came from a deep need to solve real-world fitness problems around safety, progression, assessment, goals and client engagement.

So if you’re interested, watch the webinar and get in touch… in the end, the Level Method is a revolutionary tool that lets you do what you already do, but better. It's an accelerator...

Hope to talk to you soon,

Nathan Holiday
CEO, Level Method

In order for you to reap the full benefits of Level Method, you've got to have a solid level of business knowledge & experience... this system is not for newbies.
So if you're thinking about joining our Legion, it's important that as a gym owner, you're not just starting out... You must be able to execute and lead. If you're still working on the fundamentals (like weekly team meetings), we are not right for you yet. It will take a little time, and if you want to go fast check out 2 Brain Business, they are who we recommend for all things gym business mentoring.

Don't risk never seeing the full potential of your gym.

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