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CrossFit Gallatin
Members of CrossFit Gallatin talk about how Level Method has helped them progress more than they ever have, and helped them achieve clear goals.
Hardbat CrossFit
Hear Christina's story on why Level Method has helped her to stay in the gym.
Sealey Strength
83 year old Dick Johnson loves Level Method. What an inspiration to many. Level Method is for everyone.
CrossFit Initiative
Patty Orr talks about how functional fitness has impacted her life, and how Level Method helped her to reach her goals. (Hint it's not to be a professional athlete)
Community Fitness Granbury
In this montage members share their experiences with Level Method and how it's positively impacted their community.
CrossFit Frameworks
Russel Stewart, Owner CrossFit Frameworks describes the benefits he's seen from implementing Level Method at his gym.
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