Gym Mastery

Gym Mastery Ep #56 - "Old School" CrossFit, Level Method, Smoking Meat, the Affiliate Gathering, and Happiness w/ Ty Jones

Today, we're joined by a guest who embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and family. A husband, a father of three, and owner of CrossFit Initiative since 2009 - Mr. Ty Jones.Ty is not just a gym owner, but also a tech wizard, having worked as a software developer since 2002. He's brought his technological prowess to the fitness industry, creating innovative solutions at Level Method for several years now. This year marks his 27th wedding anniversary, a testament to the same commitment and perseverance he puts into every project he undertakes. His kids, aged 13, 15, and 17, are a constant source of inspiration and motivation to him.

Get in touch with Ty:

Instagram: @crossfitinitiative @jones_ty_c

Level Method provides experienced gym owners with a visual, step-by-step fitness progression system that’s fun, engaging, and easy-to-use go to to find out more.

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