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Levels-Based Programming

100% Done-For-You Levels-Based Programming from Level Method for Legion members.
ūüö® (Requires Implementation of Level Method) ūüö®

  • Give your members fun, creative, energy system based programming designed specifically for them to level up
  • Make it easy on your coaches w/ done-for-you scaling and detailed coaches' notes
  • Leave the programming to us and save dozens of hours every month

5 Goals of Level Method Programming

Goal #1: Both beginner and experienced coaches alike should be able to focus on coaching as opposed to frantically trying to scale 10 new people in class. Result: Level Method's Workouts are completely done for the gym owner with levels and scaling provided.

Goal #2: Members need to stay excited and engaged with the programming because if they don't come to class, they won't improve.  
Result: Level Method's Programming is designed to be both physically, mentally, and emotionally stimulating for athletes of all levels.

Goal #3: Members should be consistently and eagerly working towards more well-rounded fitness. Result: Level Method's Programming is founded upon solid energy system principles to ensure functional balance and includes things like recovery and accessory work.

Goal #4: Implementing done-for-your programming should be effortless from receipt to delivery. Result: Level Method's Programming makes it ridiculously easy and clear for any coach to understand, demonstrate, deliver at the highest standard requiring as little work as possible.

Goal #5: It should be affordable for all gyms. 
Result: Level Method's Programming is so inexpensive that the cost won't be an issue for even the smallest and newest gyms.

What You Get

Levels-Based Workouts

Daily Workout Displays

Coaches' Notes

Video Explainers

Level Method

Levels-Based Workouts

Completely done-for-you sessions include a warmup, strength or skill piece, a creatively named and levels-based main workout, and optional extra credit. Each workout has time allotments to keep classes on track.

Scaling is now a breeze, your members are safe and thinking about their levels on a daily basis.


Daily Workout Displays

Professionally designed and fully editable digital display graphics offer clarity to your coaches and WOW your members.

Deploy these to a display of your own in seconds or use our optional Print Displays to replace those early morning whiteboard hand cramps. 

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Comprehensive Coaches' Notes

Comprehensive Coaches Notes systematize the highest standard of program delivery and will help your team of coaches offer a consistently top-quality experience for all classes and every level.

Your Coaches' Notes will include:

  • Workout notes for insights and areas of focus. Coaches will use these for their own clarifications or can post them for your members to enjoy.
  • Creatively named workouts that are fun and meaningful. Workouts can be stimulating for the mind and emotions as well as for the body.
  • Movement instructions and links to additional resources for your coaches to freshen up on points of performance if needed.

Video Explainers

As we are always trying to improve our products, we will be delivering video overviews of the workouts and coaches notes to give more background and help with the education process.

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What Legion Members Have to Say

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"We are a few months into running the programming and my people are thrilled. They know what to do all the time, my coaches can spend more energy on other things besides scaling everybody, it gets more engagement  into the MAP besides testing time, and the LM squad is STILL making it better every cycle based on our feedback."

-- Dominic P. Owner of Impact Athletics


"Levels-based programming from Level Method really solves the issue [of coaches focusing too much attention on new members' scaling options which detracts from the rest of class]. Nothing but positive feedback from our clients. We have removed all Rx mentality from training... Now [by displaying the workouts with the display design on social] all of our social posts for WODs are having tons of comments and likes. More than we ever had..."

-- Jose E. D. Co-owner of CrossFit 2920


  • Display your daily programming in a way that's easy on your staff and exceeds your members' expectations
  • Provide your members with programming designed for each and every one of them - completely done-for-you
  • Systematize the highest-standard of coaching and make every class "the best class ever!"

I still have questions. Can I speak with someone at Level Method? 

Of course. We want to make sure that you're 100% confident Level Method Programming is the right choice for you. Just click here and choose a date and time to speak with someone on our team.