Nathan Holiday

After coming back from deployment with the US Army in 2008, Holiday began his functional fitness career. He sustained an injury to his Achilles in 2011 while training for The Games that diverted his path from athletic self-mastery to one of service in 2011. He explored the teachings of world philosophies, religions, nutrition, and modern sciences and dove head first into coaching and business development. There, he was confronted with the common challenges of athletes plateauing in their progress and/or sustaining injuries plus, not to mention member retention, acquisition and staff disengagement issues on the business side.

After a few challenging years, several a-ha moments, and thousands of hours of research and development, he and his business partner Sean Buck created a system for gyms who are unwilling to compromise on the quality and integrity of their service. Level Method taps into a powerful emotional connection between members, their gym community, and their collective pursuit of excellence.

“The core of everything we do at Level Method is predicated on the concept of long-term, sustained health, and wellness of both the athlete and the gym businesses,” says Holiday. “Our growth isn’t due to flashy marketing and big budgets. It’s because it actually works, we’ve obsessively created something so many gym owners, coaches, and athletes have a need for. We give it our all.”

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Fitness Topics:

  • Breathing, Lungs, and Mobility
    • How training the lungs can unlock hidden potential
    • How to combine cyclic hyperventilation plus retention with mobility.
  • Strength Training and Progressions
  • Future of Functional Fitness: What's next in the functional fitness world?

Productivity Topics:

  • Developing a Useable "Getting Things Done" Framework
  • Habit & Routine Development
  • Pomodoro Technique and Applications: How to Maximize the Time You have Available and Stop Procrastination
  • Advanced Omnifocus for Entrepreneurs

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Level Method is revolutionizing the functional fitness industry.


Level Method is a unique and powerful system designed specifically for microgyms to massively increase their member retention.

Level Method microgyms leverage psychology and work with the natural habits of their members with the ability to accurately show where someone is in fitness and highlight their weaknesses visually.

Gyms who implement Level Method can now systematize the creation of "powerful moments" for their members improving the overall gym and fitness experience for all - members, coaches, staff, and owners.




Brennen Taylor - Gut Wrench Fitness

“The Level Method has increased member engagement tremendously”


Jarrett Jones - Basin CrossFit 

“Using the Data from Level Method to help with goal setting sessions”

“Selling special programming using the data has added significant revenue to the gym”


Damon Dukes - Athletic Asylum

“I LOVE the product! This MAP itself has brought a lot of organization to the chaos”


Tania V. - CrossFit Winnipeg

“I have had much greater success selling new memberships using the MAP”

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 3.28.43 PM

Matt Scott - CrossFit Ampthill

“I was able to pay my entire year of Level Method from one workshop designed to help members improve in one area on the MAP”


Travis & Marissa - CrossFit El Campo

“We love Level Method. We just sold our gym to relocate and not only did the new owner (a member) insist on keeping Level Method, we are going to personally continue it for our PT clients in our new home!”


Aaron M. - FIT 365

"The MAP is the best membership selling tool there is, we have a 97% closing rate using the MAP"

BAM!!! Average client value is $230/member.


Russel Francis - CrossFit Jersey City 

“Members love it, they think it is fantastic”

“It has really engaged some of our members and helped them to realize the stimulus of the workouts”

“It has really helped us explain the goal of the workout”

“We use it a lot to help us with scaling options during a workout”

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 10.18.57 AM

Ben Jakeman - Ullysess CrossFit 

"Level Method is undoubtedly the biggest thing in fitness since CrossFit itself"

“The intake process using the Level Method gives our new members quantifiable data allowing us to charge more money. In turn we have been able to use the added revenue to add another much needed coach to our staff”

“It has given us a system that provides a process we can all follow as well as standards that we really appreciate”

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 10.21.10 AM

Ben Smallkowski - CrossFit Shellharbour

“Level Method is my biggest selling point, people are really happy to know that there are safety protocols in place, that there is a process for improving, and that there is a place in the gym for them.”

Ameli Redkvist 

"Level Method has made my life so much better and the coaching is so much better"

Jarret Jones 

“...We’ve really re-designed our whole program and business models around fitting in the LM. I love it as a gym owner, coach, and athlete. - Jarret Jones

Michael Plank 

"Only 3 more days til we're done with initial testing. People are loving it and hitting PRs left and right. One woman, who came to us pretty deconditioned a year ago and had never run a sub-10 mile in her entire life, just re-tested her run on Monday and did it in 8:20! Promotion celebration Friday night!"

Alex Etherington

“ Level Method has been a big asset for our gym members and for the new members coming in”

“We LOVE the programming! It is fantastic and members have been raving about how much better it is than what we did before”.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 10.23.05 AM

William Graham - CrossFit Murryfield 

“What Level Method is doing with programming is absolutely F*cking brilliant”


Maguid Tidal - CrossFit Danforth

"We are Overwhelmingly happy with Level Method" 


Bobbi Hollars - 9th Wave Fitness 

“ People freaking love Level Method, my coaches love Level Method”

“The best money we ever spent and couldn’t be happier”


Dave Tompkins - BHP

We have seen epic interaction with the MAP

LM has helped our members focus more on their own goals.

“PT is up by 200%”


Ryan Baker - 3XF 

“We Love the programming - it has been a game changer”

“Level Method has made it easier to get people from our boot camp into our CrossFit classes, They are less intimidated”

“Level Method has made our offerings more welcoming for our entire client base”

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 3.28.43 PM

Matt Scott - CrossFit Ampthill 

"As a consumer, the Company (LM) over delivers again and again"

"The programming is so good and it is totally undersold"

"Retention has been way up. I know this because of the ways I have used LM to set goal setting sessions. We used to have to convince members to do goal setting sessions, now with LM our members are begging to set new goals"

Member quote to Matt "It seems like you give a fuck"

Matt "Because of LM the programming is individualized and we do give a fuck"

About programming "For the general population, there is nothing out there like it, our members are far more engaged with it"

Dave Wensley - CrossFit 807

We signed up with Level Method hoping to improve client retention …But we left with far more.

We’ve discovered how to specifically assess, address and progress our clients.  We learned that the Level Method can be applied to anything or anyone, from a simple movement to the most advanced to the newest client to clients that have been with us for years. We’ve learned how to use the MAP to engage our clients more and get them involved in their fitness goals, through a prescriptive sales model (which is not a quick buy in).

We have already seen the difference that Level Method has made at our Gym.  Client drop off has slowed. Our personal training revenue is up (a lot), clients are highly motivated to work on their weaknesses like never before and coaches are having fun coaching. From an online marketing standpoint Level Method, has helped increase our social media presence, increased calls and leads coming through our website as well as personal referrals.  I can’t wait to watch our clients flourish and achieve things they never thought possible with the help of Level Method, which I’m sure will further help grow my business.

Not only is Level Method both fun and challenging but Scott R’s direct feedback for improving my knowledge was invaluable. He has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. I can’t speak highly enough of Level Method and what they have created.