Frequently Asked Questions

See the video below for answers to some of your questions.

4:46 – Why create the Level Method system for functional fitness?

6:01 – What does a Level Method system with functional fitness training look like?

12:04 – How does this give people concrete goals and incentives at your gym?

14:53 – What are the 3 elements of the Level Method?

17:06 – What does a promotion ceremony look like for the Level Method?

20:15 – How is the map organized and each level of the Level Method calibrated?

26:09 – Tell me more about the foundation of the Level Method (The energy systems)

34:19 – What's the importance of plumbing, or cellular fueling

40:38 – Can I look at the actual Level Method map itself?

51:35 – How is a program like the Level Method implemented by a gym owner?

54:14 – What's a real clients' experience with using the Level Method at his gym?

62:19 – How do I use the Level Method to engage with clients?

64:04 – Can I get some success stories from gyms using the Level Method?


Episode 101: The Level Method