A WORLD-WIDE Photo Contest Event

Our “SHOW US YOUR LEVEL” Photo Contest was a BIG HIT last year, but our community has grown much bigger in just one short year.
Now, we have…
Over 15,000 Eligible Participants from all over the globe hailing from nearly 200 participating Gyms
If YOU go to a LEVEL METHOD gym, YOU are eligible to play…
And all you have to do is:
✅Take a picture with your certificate (and be a little creative, fun, whacky… its your choice - but BEST PHOTO WINS)
✅Caption the photo with what you love most about the Level Method
✅Post your picture (details below)
✅Get your friends and family to vote on your picture!

Don't Go to a Level Method gym?


Step 1: Get Your Overall Level 🚀

From Now Until May 26th
If you haven't achieved your Overall Level yet now is the time to finish up the last tests you have! If youre brand new, don’t worry! Ask your coach how you can get your levels. And if you already have your Overall Level AWESOME — you’re good to go! But it doesn’t hurt to Level Up again! You can submit entries up until May 26

Step 2: Take Your Photo/Video 📷

From May 27 to June 3rd
The more CREATIVE and FUN you are, the more likely you are to get votes! Makes sense right? The ONLY requirements is that you go to a gym that has the Level Method, and you have an Level Method Certificate in the photo / video WITH you (it must be visible). Then, in the video or caption of your photo simply tell us what you love most about Level Method. How has it helped with your goals? How has it changed your fitness journey? Do you have multiple ideas? Submit multiple entries...

Step 3 - Share and Get Votes! 🔥

From June 3rd until June 10th
The grand prize winner will be awarded based on most votes received! Really, all you have to is post your link on facebook, or instagram! But that's not the only way to win, we'll be also selecting winners for most creative, most fun, most inspiring journey... So no matter what you could walk away with prizes — and you may inspire others to get started!

$500 CASH + Prizes

Win Cash and prizes from sponsors like HYLETE Backpacks and Gift Certificates. Shoes from HollowRock, Supplements from Vitargo, and win your gym some equipment!


The Grand Prize Winner who receives the most votes will win $500 in cash plus a Hylete Icon 6 in 1 backpack ($200 retail value) and a $25 Gift Certificate to Hylete's online store. Also, the gym of the Grand Prize winner will receive sets of Torpedo Kettlebells that you'll be able to train with at your gym... 



In addition to the top vote getter for the Grand Prize, we will have a panel of judges looking for the most fun, most creative, and most inspirational story and awarding prizes like Hylete Icon 6 in 1 backback, HollowRock Shoes, Vitargo Supplements, and more... stay tuned for more details when entries open up on May 27th...