Free Resources For Member Engagement During COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

Keep gym members engaged in healthy habits and focused on the positives

All Resource Available for Any Gym to Use, thanks to the Legion of Level Method gyms.

(Legion Gyms, more resources and editable files are located here on your Legion Dashboard.)

"Your health is an investment, not an expense."

-- Every Gym Owner Everywhere

Video Overview of Site and Materials

Overview of Materials

The purpose of this page is to provide resources for gyms keep their members & communities engaged, excited, fit, healthy and focused on the positive during the Corona Virus pandemic (and while members may not be able to physically attend the gym). The WHY behind this is so that owners and staff are minimally affected financially, so they build amazing goodwill within their local communities and so they are seen as LEADERS. This page is broken into these key areas.

Communication Resources

for announcing what the gym is doing, sanitization etc, and a clear communication of your PLAN to your members so they are informed and don't cancel their memberships, and force you to close your doors.

Excellent HOME Workouts

That someone can do with minimal equipment and that is delivered BY YOU in a personal way to keep the coaching relationship high so members have a way to stay engaged with their fitness if they want to self quarantine, so they maintain and increase their fitness and so they have fun. We are working on this, and will have resources available to the entire legion whether you do our programming or not.

6-Week Resilience Challenge

An Engaging Challenge that keeps people healthy, fit and focused on what they can control so members are focused on the POSITIVE and not focused on fear... and so they have clear actions to work towards and so they spread the goodness to their friends and family. 

Nutrition Tips and Advice

Recipes and tips that are insightful, motivating and useful for gym communities & Social media so we show the value that a gym provides outside of just working out in class. We're saying to our members: "You guys get ALL THIS extra stuff, we're here to help you in health, not just coming to workout". 

We are doing everything in our power to make this easy for you. And we have your back in every way. This is NOT a time for fear, but for action. As the healthy, fit people, we need to step up and be the leaders in our communities as just about the entire world is freaking out lol. There is no need for panic... we have a plan, and we'll work the plan diligently and see it out to the end.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the gym owners and coaches who have contributed materials so we can have a quick turnaround on resources for you. And a special thanks to those that volunteered to help (We had a lot of people fill out the form to help but had to limit the number due to trying to move fast)

Bobbi Hollars 9th Wave Fitness
Eric Conner CrossFit Reform
Kristin Carasiti Nevermore CrossFit
Carl Neidholdt CrossFit Cerberus
Andrew Rape and Melissa Donaldson MyVitality
Seth Berbert Put It Up CrossFit
Kiersten Mueller Another Level Fitness
Judah Boulet No Risk CrossFit
Adam Morden StrongHearts
Miska Toivonen CrossFit Sörnäinen

Immediate Communication

The link below is to a google doc that you will have view access to.  Go to File -> Make a Copy to edit and make your own, the highlighted parts are parts you NEED to change.

Other Resources

Here are some other resources in case you are looking for more information to share or add to your email:

At Home Workout Programs

We are working rapidly to build this out. We only need to be a couple days ahead of our clients, so check back often for updates. We will provide 30 days here.

Video Overview

Resilience Challenge

An additional layer to engage members over the next 6 weeks. Combine this with At-Home Workout delivery.  Watch the video overview of all the materials ->

Nutrition Tips and Advice

Thanks to Melissa Donaldson from MyVitality ( For providing a guide and tips specific to the situation we are going through. There is a 2 week quarantine shopping list, info on foods for immunity and some recipes.