Nathan Holiday

CEO of Level Method, Nathan was born in Australia, grew up in CA, and joined the Army at 18. He deployed to Baghdad, Iraq as a Sniper team leader in 2006 and after being honorably discharged in 2008 went on to become a coach, athlete, and entrepreneur. He holds a BA in Business, earned at night while running his gym in the day. Nathan has extensive knowledge and experience in a wide variety of subjects and considers himself a committed, lifelong student.

Leveling Out The Open

Every year the CrossFit Open comes around and gyms all over the world have energy-packed workout parties! It’s an amazing way to bring the community together and celebrate fitness… we love it!  But, there’s also a big problem… some people should not be doing the workouts that are posted.  The Open can be about moments …

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The Big Problem with Kipping Pullups

If there’s one big area of contention with functional fitness, it’s the kipping pullup. But we believe kipping pullups have their place…  With that said, there are always risks involved… and, just so we’re clear, without addressing the proper elements, kipping pullups may:  Destroy your clients’ shoulders.  Destroy their long term commitment to getting fit.  …

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The Two Most Important Things You Need Your Clients To Do… [ACV SERIES PART 3]

A super quick review of PART 1 and PART 2 of this series: Prioritize the important (permanent fix) over the urgent (quick fix). Think of yourself as a machine builder. Schedule uninterrupted blocks of time to work on important things (machine building or your highest valued tasks). Think with a Leverage Mindset. Make a list …

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